6.8-6.12 2019China·Ningbo

On Spot Service

CounselingCounseling is available for buyers in the entrances of all halls; hall maps are available at the registration center.

Exhibitors¡¯ Info.Exhibitors¡¯ information and booth number can be found at ¡°Exhibitor Info. Service Center¡± in halls. Exhibitors¡¯ information can also be found through online cicgf before and after the fair.

Interpretation ServiceInterpreters of English, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Vietnam, and Korean are available. To employ interpreters, please contact the organizing committee in advance or contact the Buyer¡¯s registration center when registering on the spot.

Internet ServiceInternet service is available in the halls.

Worship ServiceTo meet the religious requirement, Muslims and Christianity worship rooms are available in the halls.

Safety Notice1¡¢No smoking in the halls. Smoking area will be arranged.
2¡¢Please pay close attention to your belongings. On-duty office is ready to give you a hand.