6.8-6.12 2019China·Ningbo
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  • Domestic exhibitors must have export and import license.
  • Overseas Exhibitors are required to submit the copy of company registration certificate (with company stamp) or other valid certificates.
  • Retail is not advocated.
  • Exhibits should be consumer goods listed in the above-mentioned categories. (no jade articles ,pearls and jewels)
  • Exhibitors should abide by the protection regulations concerning the intellectual property rights, comply with all the rules of the Fair and jointly maintain the exhibition order.
Enterprises in Zhejiang Province should send applications to local Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau. Enterprises out of Zhejiang should apply to the local Foreign Trade and Economic Department, or apply directly to the Exhibition Department of CICGF.
Overseas enterprises should apply directly to the Exhibition Department of CICGF.
Booths in E-commerce and trade service hall should be applied directly to the organizing committee office of CICGF.
Booths will be distributed according to the quota after verified by each business delegation.
Exhibitors are under the direct management of the trade delegations they belong to.
Exhibitors are required to remit booth fee to the designated account of CICGF on time.