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Notice on the "2018 China-Africa cooperation in SME Cooperation Conference"2018-05-25

The "2018 China-Africa cooperation in SME Cooperation Conference" will be held during the 17th China International Consumer Goods Fair and the 4th China and Central and Eastern European Countries Investment and Trade Expo, as one of the supporting activities of the two meetings. This event aims to promote the "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy and implementation of the "ten cooperation plan" and make further cooperation between small and medium enterprises in China and Africa.
The "2018 China-Africa cooperation in SME Cooperation Conference" is scheduled to be held in the Ningbo overseas Chinese hotel in June 8th. There will be more than 100 African enterprises participating in the meeting. Specific matching requirements are detailed in the appendix.
We cordially invite domestic enterprises to conduct business negotiations on the spot to explore the intersection of trade and investment. The relevant issues are as follows:
1. Name: 2018 China-Africa cooperation in SME Cooperation Conference
2. Time: 9:00, June 8, 2018
3. Venue: Shanghai hall, 3rd floor, overseas Chinese Howard Johnson hotel
4. Host: Alliance of small and medium enterprises, Ningbo commerce   committee
5. African enterprises participated: From Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Africa more than 100 enterprises, with the trade and investment demand in China to seek cooperation (see the appendix 1 - "2018 China-Africa cooperation in SME Cooperation Conference “demand description")
6. Requirements covering areas: Renewable energy, oilfield chemicals, year-end gifts, printing machine, hot press, construction materials and equipment, auto parts, agricultural equipment, the import of heavy trucks, tires, computers and other electronic commerce, information security software, telecommunications equipment, food and beverage trade, catering, etc
7. Invited objects. Domestic enterprises related to annex 1
Please participate in this meeting and contact us:
Contact: Chen yanqiong   Tang xin.
Telephone: 86-574-87178196
Fax: 86-574-87327443
E-mail: 1246754633 @qq.com
Application form fax to 86-574-87327443,
or mail to 1246754633@qq.com

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