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Top 10 key numbers for 2018 economic development2018-03-28

 The Government Work Report is not just a review of the major achievements China has made in the past five years. It also includes clear targets for the country's economic development this year.
The numbers in the report make the country's projected targets more concrete and measurable, indicating those top priorities for China's high-quality growth in the new era.
Let's take a look at the top 10 key numbers in the Government Work Report for 2018.
1. Around 6.5 percent
China has set its GDP growth target at around 6.5 percent for 2018, which will enable the country to achieve relatively full employment, given the economic fundamentals and capacity for job creation.
2. Around 3 percent
With a target increase of around 3 percent for the consumer price index in 2018, China will promote improvements in consumption and develop new forms and models of consumption.
3. Over 11 million
China is committed to creating over 11 million new urban jobs as well as keeping the surveyed urban unemployment rate within 5.5 percent and the registered urban jobless rate within 4.5 percent. This is the first time that the target for the surveyed urban unemployment rate is reflected in the Government Work Report.
4. Over 3 percent
China is projected to reduce by at least 3 percent energy consumption per unit of GDP, and continue reductions in the release of major pollutants for green economy development in 2018.
5. 2.6 percent
China will remain proactive in the direction of fiscal policy and concentrate efforts to increase efficiency, with this year's deficit as a percentage of GDP projected to be 2.6 percent, 0.4 percentage point lower than last year.
6. Around 30 million
China will continue to cut inefficient supply, and further cut steel production capacity by around 30 million metric tons and coal production capacity by approximately 150 million metric tons.
7. 800 billion yuan
China will further lighten the tax burdens on businesses to reduce taxes on businesses and individuals by more than 800 billion yuan. This will help promote the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, and do much to unleash market vitality and public creativity.
8. Above 10 million
China will step up targeted poverty alleviation to further reduce the poor rural population by over 10 million, including 2.8 million people who are to be relocated from inhospitable areas.
9. 13 million
China will pursue better-quality new urbanization and register another 13 million people as permanent urban residents. The country will also speed up work on granting permanent urban residency to people from rural areas living in cities.
10. 5.8 million
China will better address people's housing needs and launch a new three-year renovation plan to address housing in run-down urban areas, starting with construction this year on 5.8 million units.