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A new kind bicycle only 10kg , Wearing headphones for physical examination2014-06-09

Bicycles are made from aircraft material

In the exhibition of imported goods, a red bicycle names ” the mighty of dragon” from America ,apples a lot people’s attention. The bicycle is made of carbon fiber materials, which in line with standard for aviation aircraft, just as the same as the Boeing 747. It has stable structurally, light quality, only 10kg, and intelligent systems. The bicycle is limited. There are only 45 on the world, and 25 in China.

“3D-MRA”,a special headphones

Usually, physical examination need draw blood, doing endoscopy, making X-ray, and so on. But now only wearing headphones for 30 minutes is enough. “3D-MRA” will not bring side effect or make people anxiety. It is a digital spectrum detection analyzer, just work like NMR. The special headphones from Taiwan use the principle of audio frequency to inquiry person’s body.