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Smart Farm In Home,Coconut Oil Skin Care Can Eat2014-11-19

  "Gardening machines for lazy people ", make gardening easier

In No.2 exhibition hall, Mr. Wen asked ”I really envy the life of Mr. Tao .I enjoy raising a lot of flowers and planting some fruits and vegetables. But it’s so hard to do it. How can the machine help?” The machine "Gardening machines for lazy people" is one of product from Ningbo Zhi Cai Fang Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.. It controlled by a remote controller. Using intelligent devices and microcomputer control system. Fertilization, fill light, watering and sterilization all set up before. Also you needn’t worry about the light and water ,which has a energy-saving LED light source, and water-saving irrigation techniques.

Coconut Oil Skincare Can "eat"

In the pavilion of Poland, Central and Eastern European Countries' Products Fair ,a reporter found natural skincare. iles du vent showed three kinds of cosmetic, cream for hand, cream for face, and nourish butter for body. They are all made in unique extract oil from Tahiti, which are refining by flowers that are the national flower of Tahiti and coconut oil, without chemical composition. All kinds of skin can use. It also can repair damaged skin.