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2018 E-commerce Conference held2018-04-12

 The 2018 E-commerce Conference kicked off at the Southern Business District of Yinzhou District on the afternoon of April 10, attracting delegates of e-commerce enterprises from Ningbo, Hangzhou and Shenzhen.
With the theme of "new chances, new integration and new energy", the conference aims to incubate new e-commerce forces by providing a platform for the exchange of the distinctive entrepreneurial and innovative projects in the three cities.
"Shenzhen boasts of a strong entrepreneurial and innovative atmosphere for cross-border e-commerce, Hangzhou represents the highest level of e-commerce in China, and Ningbo has the advantage of developing e-commerce with its solid manufacturing basis and brisk private economy." said a person in charge from Ningbo Commission of Commerce. The cooperation and complementation of the three cities are bound to further the integrated development of the e-commerce industry.
Reportedly, this year's session of the conference will last for four months. Out of the four major groups, respectively for start-ups, cross-border e-commerce, service e-commerce and emerging brands, the distinguished projects will be selected to compete in the Global E-commerce Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition of Zhejiang Province.